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manitou event menu options

Thank you for considering the Manitou Event Center.   We offer a catering option for every event and will do our best to accomodate special requests.

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Appetizer Buffet, butler passing & late night appetizers

Appetizers are a wonderful start to any event!   We offer both buffet style as well as "butler passing", which adds a touch of class to any event.   Our broad range of appetizer selections will be sure to suit any palate.   Special requests are considered on a case by case basis.

We also offer a "late night" appetizer or pizza buffet that is perfect after a few hours of cocktails & dancing!    This is definitely one of our most popular additions to any late night event.

Dinner buffet

Our classic dinner buffet, a popular choice, is a great way to offer our signature dishes to guests while giving guests the choice to choose what and how much they want to eat.

We offer many different dishes including gluten free options, steaks, fish, seafood, chicken, pork, salads and various sides.   

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Family style dinner & plated Dinner

One of the lastest trends in event catering is the family-style dinner.  This offers a great combination of giving guests their choice in portion or food selection, while also providing a more intimate setting by not having guests stand in line. 

Our plated option is the most formal style of food serving we offer, giving guests the ability to focus on socializing and enjoying the event itself.  

Breakfast & lunch buffets

Perfect for many day time events including fundraisers, luncheons, business & corporate meetings, celebration of life gatherings, sales & networking events and much more.   Our menu is changing often so please contact our sales team with questions or special requests that we can most likely accommodate.  

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